Privacy Policy

Data collected by Multitempo by Jobandtalent are to be used for administrative processing and to introduce/disseminate current and future products and services marketed by Multitempo by Jobandtalent following express consent and request from the data subject.

The processing of data for statistical purposes only takes place by means of anonymity regarding previously collected personal data.

Pursuant to the legislation in force, the data subject is entitled to access, update, object, limit, amend, and delete all or part of their personal data as well as the right to data portability by sending a request to Multitempo by Jobandtalent.

Multitempo by Jobandtalent does not collect personal information through automatic processes except for online forms to be filled-in with full knowledge and subject to consent from the data subjects regarding its purpose and use.

Multitempo by Jobandtalent shall not sell, share, transfer or in any way disclose personal data to third parties without express written consent from the data subject.

In the case of any changes to this privacy policy, which may affect the rights, freedoms, and guarantees of data subjects whose personal data were provided to Multitempo by Jobandtalent, they shall be notified of the new terms and conditions for the changes in the privacy policy so that they can decide if they wish to consent or request for Multitempo by Jobandtalent to process their data.

For any additional clarifications, please contact