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What are Temp Jobs?

Temp Jobs are when you provide occasional Temp Agency Workers to third parties (User/Client).

What is a Temporary Employment Contract?

A Temporary Employment Contract is a contractual relation between three entities: the Temp Worker, Multitempo – the Temp Agency that hires, pays, and exercises a disciplinary power over the temp worker –, and the User/Client – entity that receives the worker who is not part of their staff at their premises and exercises the authority and management of an employer over the latter as delegated by Multitempo.

Under what circumstances can you sign a Temporary Employment Contract?

A Temporary Employment Contract can be signed in the following cases:

  • Direct or indirect replacement of an absent Employee;
  • To fill in vacancies during a hiring process;
  • Seasonal activities or the company’s activity has exceptionally grown;
  • Executing an occasional task or a certain service that has been precisely determined and not long-lasting or an intermittent need for labour;
  • To carry out projects with a limited time.

What must Temporary Employment Contracts include?

These contracts must include the following elements:

  • Identification, signatures, address or head office of the parties involved, and the date of the Temp Agency’s permit;
  • Reason for signing the contract;
  • Hired activity;
  • Workplace and period of hours;
  • Wages;
  • Starting date of work;
  • Term and conditions of the contract;
  • Date the contract is signed.

What is the Law that governs Temp Work?

Temp Work is duly legislated in the Labour Code and is governed by Decree-Law No. 260/2009 of September 25, which governs the exercise and licensing of Temp Agencies, and Law No. 7/2009 of February 12, particularly Subsection 6 regarding Temp Work (Article 172 to 192).

What are the rights of Temp Workers?

  • The minimum wage in the instrument governing collective labour that applies to Temp Agencies and Users/Clients and is equivalent to their job or that which they carry out relating to similar jobs or value depending on what is preferable;
  • A vacation, vacation allowance, and Christmas bonus based on the length of their Temporary Employment Contract;
  • Food allowance when established by the User/Client;
  • Insurance against occupational accidents;
  • Health, admission, and occasional examinations;
  • Overtime pursuant to the Labour Code or collective labour agreements in force at the User/Client;
  • Access to all social facilities (canteen, lounge area, etc.) provided by the User/Client to its Employees;
  • And all Social Security benefits, since Multitempo does all Social Security deductions regarding said entity.

For what kind of jobs may I be hired through a Temp Agency?

There are current offers for all types of business activity and all types of jobs.

How can I request more clarifications on these and other matters?

We are available to assist you through our contact information.


Practical Guide for Hiring Foreign Workers

See here what documents you must submit and what you need to do to apply to our Job Offers.

European Union Citizens – Documents you need to submit:

  • ID card from your country of Origin
  • Taxpayer Number*
  • Social Security Identification Number**
  • Valid EU Certification

Non-resident of the European Union

On the back of your card or valid residence permit it must state that you are ‘Eligible to work’.


CLAIM’s - Local Support Centers for the Integration of Migrants

These Centers have the mission of supporting the whole process of welcoming and integrating migrants, articulating with the different local structures and promoting interculturality at the local level.

These services provide support and general information in several areas, such as: regularization, nationality, family reunification, housing, voluntary return, work, health, education, among other everyday issues.

In this link you have access to all CLAIM´s in Portugal and you can choose the one that is closest to your area of ​​residence: visit the website here.


If you have any questions or your situation does not relate to any of these two cases, please go to our contact information so that we may analyse your situation on an individual basis.


*Taxpayer Number - If you do not have a taxpayer number, you will need to make a request for one at the Tax Authority: visit the website here.

**Social Security Identification Number - If you do not have a Social Security Identification Number, you will need to make a request for one at Instituto da Segurança Social (Social Security): visit the website here.

CV Template

If you do not have a prepared resume, we provide you with the link to Europass to help you in this process. We are waiting for your application!

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