Temp Work

Our agency has been recognised as one of the main Human Resource Management companies in Portugal, particularly in Temp Work Recruitment and Selection. We have invested on a sustainable growth strategy where our greatest advantage was the strategic location of offices to the north and south of the country.

We are a Certified Company - certificate No. 03/CEP.1924 issued by APCER in accordance with reference NP EN ISO 9001:2008, in the context of recruitment, selection, placement, and management of workers on a temporary basis (in Lisbon, Maia, Barreiro, and Trofa) - and we can count on an average of 32 580 temp jobs per year in Industry, Logistics, Services, Banking and Insurance, Public Administration, Handling, and Agriculture. Multitempo’s Global Temp Work Management System is based on three key aspects: Experience, Innovation, and Expertise.

This system assures crucial advantages for the user in the global management of Temp Work on a technical, administrative, and operational level, hence increasing the efficiency of such processes and optimising human resource management.