Who are we

Multitempo - Empresa de Trabalho Temporário (Temp Agency) was founded in 1995 and is a part of the Corporate Human Resource Group, RHmais.

We propose solutions that are adjusted to the needs of each company within the scope of Integrated Human Resource Management, with particular focus on the following fields:
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Placement and Management of Workers on a Temporary Basis;
  • Training; 
  • Psychological evaluation of job applicants.

Our strategy:
- Is used on all the different sectors with high rates of success, from simpler services to the more qualified industrial sectors;
- Is developed through a decentralised structure based on the design and supply of excellent services.

Our services:
- Are based on skill, rigour, and quality;
- Foresee the needs of emerging markets in a timely manner that is specific for each one.

In order to broaden their offer on integrated human resource solutions, Grupo RHmais created Multitempo - Serviços (Services) in 2014, which focuses on the provision of human resources through an outsourcing arrangement in Agriculture, Industry, Logistics, Trade and Services. 

Multitempo - Serviços is a global human resource company committed to supporting all different client activities, from recruitment and selection, processing wages, and contract management to entirely managing operations for the different market sectors. 

Characteristics of this service:

  • Personalised customer services;
  • Prompt assignment of workers;
  • Job adequacy;
  • Continuous supervision of the worker’s integration in their new position;
  • Strict compliance with the legislation;
  • Impartiality, discretion, and confidentiality in business and employment relations;
  • And, most of all, skill and professionalism.


Multitempo offers Recruitment and Selection services for specialised staff in all business sectors - MultiSeleção -, innovative, quality, and efficient services with the added value of the professionals performing such services having technical skills. The provided services are developed by a technical human resource team that qualifies in the process of recruitment and selection and owns a ‘Technical Skills’ certificate. 

We ensure that their technical skills have been recognised, which has allowed for them to develop a sustained professional evolution, hence assuring our clients that we are doing a proven quality job. All tools that we use in the Recruitment and Selection processes have been duly certified by our Quality Management System.

MultiSeleção also benefits from our first hand knowledge and proximity with our Temp Agency Clients, their needs, expectations, and organisation culture, which enable us to provide adapted and top-notch Recruitment and Selection services. We are fully aware of the profiles that our clients require and value, which is a benefit that allows for our officers to be better prepared and achieve a correct, prompt, and efficient profile adequacy.

Our Vision
We seek market differentiation through recognised service quality, as well as Temp Agency Worker and Client satisfaction.

We have created the conditions for company development by acting in accordance with high efficacy, rigour, and skill criteria and increasing trust in our services.

Our Mission
We provide excellent services within the scope of integrated Human Resource management with a particular focus on Recruitment and Selection and Placement and Management of Workers on a Temporary Basis. 

We are continuously investing on the technical development of services that convey confidence to our clients and add value to the market, hence strengthening and enhancing maximum business profitability.

Our Values
Our attitude within the market is characterised by rigour, ethics, professional motivation, responsibility, and transparency.

Our values are based on a solid relationship among our Workers and between our Workers and the Client by dedicating themselves and being involved in their services. 

Corporate Responsibility
Multitempo constitutes a social and environmental corporate citizen with a motivated and mobilised team of employees that create customer value and contribute towards community welfare.

Social Responsibility is one of our key areas and it is reflected by a set of internally coordinated policies and practices, which intent to keep up with internal requirements and those of the surrounding market and community.